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  • Are you sure your packaging is doing the job it should?
  • Do you think it could be better?
  • Are you fed up trying to find the best packaging for your work?
  • Does your packaging actually fit properly?
  • Does your current pack give a delight and great reveal when opened?



The Home Of Low Quantity Bespoke Boxes

Here at eceeboxes® I design and make FIT2SIZE© packaging to overcome all the challenges of selling in todays competitive online market.


I supply………


ARTISTS who paint, print, draw on paper, canvas or any other material who sell online.

ENGINEERING companies with speciality products.

POTTERS who design and sell kits to make at home or sell ready made items.

PRESERVE makers selling online.

BEVERAGE and BREWING companies.

CLOTHING makers who create their own fashion designs.



Here Are Some Examples Of Packs I Design and Sell

All available made FIT2SIZE© and purpose but I do sell standard sizes too

I can make as little as 6 or as many as 500

Sometimes a purpose created design is needed, that’s easy.


Go My Shop To See Standard Sizes I sell

I can make a box for any use or purpose

Having over 50 years design experience I have created boxes for just about every commodity.

There’s always a solution somewhere.

Call or email me to see what I can do for you



07941 390085


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Will Your Packaging Survive The eCommerce Journey?

Any box you send that’s been ordered online can encounter dozens of different danger zones and, Yes, 11Kgs boxes can do a lot of damage to your box and items.

Will they survive?

They can get…..





Avoid customer disapointment by ensuring your box will survive any of these encounters.

I have spent many years studying box fragility and carried out hundreds of tests to design great packaging.

Protect, Delight, Recycle


See what boxes go through on my Youtube channel

Here's an ecee-flipper with a canvas painting ready to pack



  • We can make these any size you need for your pictures.


  • You can buy as little as 6 and as many as you need


  • All our boxes are made from recycled paper and can be recycled again in the kerbside collections


Just e-mail  Mick at: solutionys@gmail.com


Or Call: 07941 390085


Here’s another with a mounted print.

Artists....... Make Your Packaging Better..............with our most popular pack

Our ecee-FLIPPER makes easy work of packing and sending your art. Not to mention delighting your customer too.

Get Your Free FIT2SIZE Sample Of The ecee-flipper To Protect Your Artworks


Just tell us the Length, Width and Thickness of your unframed or framed art and we will send you a sample to try.

If it fits ok we can give you a price for the number you need.


New.... Laptop Stand to ease those aches and pains from more frequent use

Made from recycled board it arrives pre-assembled ready for use.
Buy Here

As Seen On Instagram mick.parkes.100

Our ecee roller-rap for mounts. Avoid using 'do Not Bend' envelopes. They will bend!!!!!!!!

Watch the full video on Youtube


As a special offer we are selling this roller-rap for 85p each, sold in 20s. It takes a mount or thin picture size up to 21cms x 21cmx 1cms. Comes with selfsealing tape and is easy to load and seal. Also fits very easily through the Royal Mail Large Letter guide so is low cost for mailing.


While Stocks Last!!!!!!!!!


All the packs in the shop are standard sizes but we can make any size you wish, if these don’t suit your size requirements

Just email us:

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Whats your packaging like?

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Here's how we make our boxes

This CAD driven cutting table means we can design any shape, structure or size you need

Here's One We Made Earlier

This Is Me

Mick Parkes

I’m semi professional artist so I understand the issues when it comes to packing up your hard grafted items.

Having worked in the packaging design business for over 45 years I have picked up a few tips on how to pack up and present your items for e-Commerce sales.

I make MADE TO MEASURE packaging for all types of e-Commerce products but specialise in designing and supplying packs for Artists and Crafters work, so small quantities are the norm for me.

If you are a big shipper of stuff, then you may need to consider ISTA testing (International Safe Transit Authority), particulary if you ship or sell through Amazon. Help is always here on any packaging topic. Just ask. My email is at top of page and so is my phone number.




 If you want to find out more about my Design Business www.mickparkes.com please click here


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What's It All About?

What Exactly Is Unboxing?

Here's an example of improving your customer delight

This bar of soap arrived in a padded bag, not a great ‘Reveal’…..Would it make you think twice about buying from this seller again?

It didn’t even have a very informative card or note to say how you re-order. This is a missed opportunity.



Here's A Smart Solution

Right Box



Avoid the Void

We’ve all seen pictures like this. A typical oversized box for the item. Yes, this is an Amazon delivery. I’m not here to defend them but are reasons why this happens and they are working on it.

THE IRONY HERE WAS IT CONTAINED A PIP (Packaging In Proportion ) ROYAL MAIL GUIDE!!!  Click here to learn more about PIP


But it highlights why its important to use the correct fitting boxes.

Buying standard boxes from a stockist usually means filling up the void with something, such as bubblewrap, newspaper, plastic air-pillows, pre-formed paper strips.


A Neat Solution


Better Packaging

If you send out mounts for example, sometimes the protection of a ‘Please Do Not Bend’ envelope is not enough.

Combine that with the lack of ‘Reveal’, you may disapoint your customers.



A best selling solution


Helping Your Customer And The Planet


If you are getting concerned about using materials such as BubbleWrap and other Polymer based materials when sending out your products, there are more Planet friendly alternatives.

Also this example has no reveal or delight and looks a mess.




A paper based solution