Laptop Stand Made From Recyclable Cardboard




Here’s a cardboard Laptop stand to avoid all the aches and pains encountered when using it more frequently at home or office. Comes ready made up. Has vents for heat dissipation and a drawer for oddments

It makes the top of your screen roughly level with your eyeline.

Most H&S equipment is allowable on expenses so don’t think your company or yourself should be worried about buying it..

Its a requirement of most companies to have a H&S policy on the use of VDU’s. If in doubt go to the HSE website. Link

This stand arrives made up, no tricky assembly..Its easily recyclable in your kerbside waste.

Heat is dissapated from under the Laptop via the slotted panels. Fit most Laptops., Rear edge of Laptop is meant to over hang.

It will even suit Tablets or Phones for easy reading and use..

Angled at optimum 20 degrees and lifts the Laptop 90mm above your desktop. With your elbows on the desktop your wrists are then inline with the forearms.

Deep front ledge to avoid Laptop slipping downwards so suits all thicknesses.

Built in drawer, suits Left or Righ handed users. Keeps your mouse, pens and stuff in one place. Even has a cover so contents will not fall out when carrying it around seperately.

You can even use the box it came in if standing up to use the Laptop (although that’s not reccommended as it can cause neck strain) But by turning the laptop round, (see pic) it provides a nice downward angle to keep you wrists in line with the forearm.

Free delivery to UK mainland only.

Despatched as soon as possible.Delays may occur due to the current Virus issue.

Laptop and other accessories, not included.

Please email  with any queries

Thanks, Mick Parkes




Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 16 cm


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